Tested shop system

Test label: 1E5C3-D7B4


This shop system meets the objective audit criteria of the IT law firm (IT-Recht Kanzlei).


This shop system enables the implementation of legal requirements for online trading.


This shop system is legally supported by the IT law firm (IT-Recht Kanzlei).

Test label awarded to
Gambio GmbH
Test label awarded on
Awarded by

RA Max-Lion Keller, LL.M.
Partner of the law firm IT-Recht

Successful completion of numerous test criteria

The shop system gambio.de has undergone a rigorous review by the IT law firm (IT-Recht Kanzlei). Numerous audit criteria had to be fulfilled. These examination criteria are constantly revised and extended.

Permanent examination

The internet presence www.gambio.de is subject to regular follow-up checks by the IT law firm (IT-Recht Kanzlei München) in order to ensure that the audit criteria are permanently adhered to.

Significance of the test mark

The test mark is used by the operator of the shop system to document that the basic technical equipment of the shop system allows the implementation of the most important statutory information obligations in online trading.

Further information on the test mark
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